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James is a renowned business entrepreneur. Check out his latest books


"How did they get that job?!" said everyone at some stage in their career. The dangers of over-promotion: http://t.co/zemPxchrJ8| 14 hours agoReplyRetweetFavorite
What's the biggest mistake you ever made? Here's mine: http://t.co/zemPxchrJ8| 2 days agoReplyRetweetFavorite
En route to the airport, thanks for the prompt service. Let the weekend commence! @TristarWW| 2 days agoReplyRetweetFavorite
Leathers for #dressdownfriday. Just off out on the Harley... https://t.co/a6q0WiPGIY| 2 days agoReplyRetweetFavorite
Sure you're ready for a #promotion? Be careful not to over-promote yourself https://t.co/Lxpq2oVfQo| 2 days agoReplyRetweetFavorite
Reflecting on #failure: "Just because I was successful in recruitment, that didn’t mean I could run a sandwich shop" https://t.co/twdLx1XEfx| 3 days agoReplyRetweetFavorite
"With great power comes great responsibility” said Uncle Ben and I. But are you ready to be #promoted? with great power comes great...| 3 days agoReplyRetweetFavorite
Avoid failure. Avoid over-promotion. https://t.co/twdLx1XEfx @LinkedInPulse| 3 days agoReplyRetweetFavorite
RT @_busnescymru: 5 cam hanfodol @jamescaan cyn dechrau busnes newydd http://t.co/NCkZFJ6wU2| 3 days agoReplyRetweetFavorite
RT @HBSAlumni: Alum @jamescaan on (almost) everything you need to know before launching biz, http://t.co/PGNWKr03Wz cc: @MadsGo @martaszcze| 4 days agoReplyRetweetFavorite
My #startup checklist. 5 things ever #entrepreneur should be thinking about before starting their own #business http://t.co/UXXkgWrjkO| 4 days agoReplyRetweetFavorite
Delivery from @oppoicecream. Great afternoon treat thanks guys! #smallbiz https://t.co/m68oulsqHF| 4 days agoReplyRetweetFavorite
The worst mistake I ever made in #business happened because I over-promoted myself. Learn from my mistake: http://t.co/zemPxchrJ8| 4 days agoReplyRetweetFavorite
RT @GdnSmallBiz: New blog from @jamescaan : My five-point checklist before starting a business http://t.co/VX4nwbh0RE| 4 days agoReplyRetweetFavorite
Ever wondered how your boss got their job? Chances are, they've been over-promoted: http://t.co/zemPxchrJ8 @LinkedInPulse| 4 days agoReplyRetweetFavorite

James Caan's Business Secrets App

James shares his Business Secrets with entrepreneurs worldwide. The free app includes over 100 secrets in video and audio format. They offer tangible, easy-to-understand business advice and tips for everyone – from the seasoned entrepreneur to the beginner with a dream.

Also included are the audio book versions of James’ best-selling books – his autobiography ‘The Real Deal’, ‘Get The Job You Really Want’, and ‘Start Your Business in 7 Days’ — all for FREE! To download the app visit the dedicated App Page


Who Would Vote For You?

These past few weeks I have watched with fascination as the 7 politic leaders’ battle it out to win our votes. People buy into people – that’s a fact. Without an engaging, likeable frontman or woman you’re fighting a losing battle. A leader needs to captivate their audience by encouraging trust and commitment. Great leadership is one of those things which is hard to define, and even har ...

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Gemini Search gain entry to Sunday Times Best Small Companies To Work For list

Gemini Search gain entry to Sunday Times Best Small Companies To Work For list

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James Caan leads business coalition calling for re-evaluation of soft skills, worth £88bn to UK

James Caan joins McDonald's to champion Soft Skills

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James Caan receives CBE

James Caan is named in the New Year Honours List 2015

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James Caan Hits 2 Million Followers On LinkedIn

James Caan Now Has over 2 million followers on LinkedIn

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More on James

Hamilton Bradshaw

James Caan is the founder and CEO of Hamilton Bradshaw, a leading mid-market private equity firm. Investments range from start-ups to real estate ventures and established businesses.

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Public Speaking

James is an exceptional public speaker. He is in regular demand with blue chip clients such as Lloyds TSB, Virgin, Hewlett Packard, and Coutts.

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James has authored two best selling books and recently launched Start Your Business in 7 Days.

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Business Secrets

James Caan's Free Business Secrets app is packed with advice and tips about Raising finance, Hiring, Growth, Marketing, and much more.

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