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James is a renowned business entrepreneur. Check out his latest books


RT @FranRussel1: Who is the voice of British #Business? Help @EntrepreneursGB build the #Entrepreneurs Manifesto: https://t.co/BvFpohvBkz h…| 7 hours agoReplyRetweetFavorite
A #mentor in #business will help you develop the business acumen needed to make your #startup a #success.… https://t.co/KBtXpxx3Qb| 10 hours agoReplyRetweetFavorite
RT @ThePledge: .@jamescaan awards #ThePledge Straight Talker award to Mohammed Mahmoud, the imam who intervened after the London mosque att…| 1 day agoReplyRetweetFavorite
RT @MazBONAFIDE: A local elderly man who has always prayed in Mosque all his life now is scared & prays at home #SadTimes @ThePledge @SkyN| 1 day agoReplyRetweetFavorite
RT @ThePledge: "Thousands of Muslims are afraid to leave their homes right now," says @jamescaan on tonight's #ThePledge 'Britain Divided?'…| 1 day agoReplyRetweetFavorite
RT @ThePledge: On tonight's 'Divided Britain?' themed #ThePledge, @jamescaan asks are the actions of a few tarnishing whole communities? ht…| 1 day agoReplyRetweetFavorite
RT @ThePledge: #ThePledge panel on whether the media should stop using 'terrorist' @NickFerrariLBC @afuahirsch @graemelesaux14 @jamescaan @…| 1 day agoReplyRetweetFavorite
RT @ThePledge: .@afuahirsch and @NickFerrariLBC clash over Prime Minister Theresa May's response to the #GrenfellTower fire #ThePledge http…| 1 day agoReplyRetweetFavorite
RT @ThePledge: "Repossessing people's homes is not an intelligent choice," says @jamescaan on the issue of rehousing of #GrenfellTower resi…| 1 day agoReplyRetweetFavorite
RT @ThePledge: Divided Britain? - our theme for tonight's #ThePledge, on in 10mins @afuahirsch @NickFerrariLBC @graemelesaux14 @jamescaan @…| 1 day agoReplyRetweetFavorite
RT @RecGuide: On our blog @RecruitMentor shows how people can damage your reputation with a simple comment. https://t.co/DcgSHeMN5J #re| 1 day agoReplyRetweetFavorite
RT @ThePledge: Last minute preparations on set before #ThePledge panellists are let loose on this week's debates https://t.co/ipwDZCrXF3| 1 day agoReplyRetweetFavorite
A behind the scenes shot from filming this morning for @ThePledge there are some great #debates, tonight 8pm… https://t.co/ocw5C1olgS| 1 day agoReplyRetweetFavorite

James Caan Launches the World's First Recruitment Training Hub


Three Mistakes You’re Probably Making On LinkedIn

We’re all busy trying to decipher the online CV platform and since its launch in 2002, the proliferation of LinkedIn has been incredible. For me, it completely transformed my business by revolutionising the recruitment industry and transforming the market. Whether you’re looking for work, checking out the competition, putting your name out there, keeping up with influencer musings like t ...

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James Caan CBE launches world’s first multi-training platform for recruitment consultants

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James Caan's Start Up Loans Journey

Starting 27,000 businesses in 24 months and transforming entrepreneurship in Britain.

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Gemini Search gain entry to Sunday Times Best Small Companies To Work For list

Gemini Search gain entry to Sunday Times Best Small Companies To Work For list

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James Caan leads business coalition calling for re-evaluation of soft skills, worth £88bn to UK

James Caan joins McDonald's to champion Soft Skills

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More on James

Hamilton Bradshaw

James Caan is the founder and CEO of Hamilton Bradshaw, a leading mid-market private equity firm. Investments range from start-ups to real estate ventures and established businesses.

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Public Speaking

James is an exceptional public speaker. He is in regular demand with blue chip clients such as Lloyds TSB, Virgin, Hewlett Packard, and Coutts.

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James has authored two best selling books and recently launched Start Your Business in 7 Days.

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Business Secrets

James Caan's Free Business Secrets app is packed with advice and tips about Raising finance, Hiring, Growth, Marketing, and much more.

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