James Caan has spent the past twenty years building and selling businesses in the UK. Because of his extensive experience he has been approached by the British Government to work on a number of initiatives to support UK businesses.

More recently James has been working closely with Business Secretary Vince Cable as a member of the Entrepreneurs Forum. The Group was formed to help and advise Government on new business policies. They debate particularly challenging issues facing SME’s in the UK such as raising finance, reducing regulation and other barriers to market.

“Ultimately people should feel empowered to start their own business, not that they should seek permission. Government can play a key role in ensuring that everyone in business is given every opportunity to turn their ideas and aspirations into successful ventures. The focus is clear for Britain to emerge from this downturn a strong, bold and confident country, ready for the challenges and opportunities ahead.”

Start Up Loans

In 2012 James was approached by Lord Young, advisor to David Cameron on Enterprise, to help the Government drive the Start Up Loans initiative.

Young people across the country, from 18 – 30 years old, were given the opportunity to access loans to start their own business. Every recipient of the loan is also given an expert mentor who will be able to provide much needed guidance, a sounding board and networks to help the young entrepreneur along the way.

Originally, the goal of Start Up Loans was to help 1,000 businesses obtain government and private sector investments to fund these new ventures, however as of 2014 James Caan has helped provide funding and mentorship to more than 18,000 start ups.

James says: “The best way to solve unemployment is to create employment. Start Up Loans is tackling the core of the problem by giving people the chance to start building their own businesses and create a new generation of entrepreneurs”.