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In 2002 when James sold Alexander Mann he took just over a year off to reflect on his professional life, journey and achievements.

In 2004 he returned to his roots, his birth place; Pakistan. He was extremely overwhelmed with the lack of education, food and the severity of the recent flooding in the country. He decided that he wanted to give something back.

James visits to Pakistan after 2010 flood disaster, talking with Juliet Bremner.
James helping unload supplies from a plane to be distributed to the residents of flood-stricken Pakistan

James launched ‘The Build a Village Project’ in 2010 after seeing the aftermath of the Pakistan floods first hand. James built the Abdul Kashid Khan campus, which educates over 400 children in a rural village outside of Lahore.

In 2014, the JCF supported 400 would-be entrepreneurs from vulnerable families affected by the floods whose income had been destroyed to start up their very own micro-enterprise businesses.

Not only are they now re-establishing their annual income but are also gaining the tools they need to fend for themselves and their families.

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