James Caan Business Secrets App

Tangible advice and tips for Entrepreneurs

With so much focus on SMEs and re-building the economy, James felt it was the perfect time to bring together all his experience on one dynamic platform, and launched his first-ever business app.

As an expert businessman, James knows what challenges business owners face on a day-to-day basis, and Business Secrets offers tangible advice and tips to help both aspiring and established entrepreneurs.

James shares his insights on categories including Hiring, Expanding Overseas, Marketing, Leadership and Exiting.

The first ever business app with tangible business advice and tips from one of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs.

Within weeks of launching the app stormed to Number 1 in the iTunes chart and went on to become the fastest downloaded Business app of the year.

Regularly ranked as a top business app by various publications, it has received over 250,000 downloads proving that there is a huge appetite for credible business advice.