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The LinkedIn Influencer series is a premium blog programme where a selection of well-known leaders are asked to share their insights and experience. Alongside people such as Barack Obama and Richard Branson, James regularly produces posts on entrepreneurship, business growth and career advice.


The Work Habits That Will Make You Successful

It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting out on your career or if you have years of experience behind you - making sure you have the right attitude and approach is vital. And having the right attitude does not come about by accident; it comes from establishing the very best working practices and habits. When I am looking to employ or promote people, one of the key qualities I always look for is a thirst for excellence. The very best people, in any walk of life, are those who are constantly challenging themselves and are setting t ...

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Working To Live Or Living To Work?

There has been a lot discussion in recent years about work-life balance and the impact that can have on individuals. There can be a tendency, particularly in certain industries, to spend as much time in the office as we do with our loved ones at home. The fact that we have just been through the longest and deepest recession in living memory has also meant that the workplace is now more competitive than it has ever been. Everyone is having to go the extra mile to prove their commitment and justify their role. You have to be sensible and ...

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How To Deal With Rejections And Setbacks

All of us at some point in our lives will be faced with some kind of disappointment. It does not matter how successful you happen to be, there will always be defeats and setbacks along the journey of both life and work. But what sets the high achievers apart from the rest is how they react and deal with those setbacks. When it comes to business, it really is all about making the right decisions and choices for the long term. You should do your level best to ensure that the people within the business are not adversely affected, but some ...

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Five Things To Avoid In The Job Hunt

Moving jobs is a major step and should never be taken lightly. It is one of the most important decisions you can take in your life, so you need to make sure you get it spot on. If you do decide that the time has come to look for another job then I would strongly urge you to sit down and draw up a clear strategy.Something like this should not be done off the cuff and there are certain things that you absolutely want to avoid. Here are some common mistakes that people make. Moving for the wrong reasons The very first thing you need to ...

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Turn Your Employees Into Entrepreneurs

In my experience the very best companies are the ones that have an entrepreneurial streak running right through the very core of the business. By that I mean every individual involved, no matter what role or level of seniority they happen to have, completely understands the need to be driving the business forward. Of course, not everyone can be an entrepreneur and the majority of people prefer the security that comes with working for a large business. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, but it is still possible to create a cultur ...

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