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The LinkedIn Influencer series is a premium blog programme where a selection of well-known leaders are asked to share their insights and experience. Alongside people such as Barack Obama and Richard Branson, James regularly produces posts on entrepreneurship, business growth and career advice.


Three Mistakes You’re Probably Making On LinkedIn

We’re all busy trying to decipher the online CV platform and since its launch in 2002, the proliferation of LinkedIn has been incredible. For me, it completely transformed my business by revolutionising the recruitment industry and transforming the market. Whether you’re looking for work, checking out the competition, putting your name out there, keeping up with influencer musings like t ...

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How to Pitch to a Dragon

I met a lot of interesting people during my time on Dragon’s Den. Aspiring entrepreneurs with big ideas (but sometimes no idea), passionate business owners looking to scale and some people just looking for three minutes of fame. Of course each and every one differed in their approach but one thing they all had in common is they all delivered an ‘elevator pitch’ – a 3 minute pitch detailing ...

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My Top 5 Killer Interview Questions

We’re all familiar with the typical interview jargon, questions like “tell me about yourself” and “what’s your five year plan?” that you’re almost guaranteed to be asked in any interview you attend. Preparation is key so I’d expect every candidate to prepare answers for these sorts of questions, but you’d be surprised at how many people trip up here because they clearly haven’t ...

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Overworked & Underpaid?

Sounds familiar, right? I think we’ve all been there; working all hours for what seems like peanuts in terms of financial gain. If we were to collate a list of the top 5 things people complain most about their job I think we’d see an array of different confessions – the over or under use of aircon in the office, people eating smelly food at their desk, managers not listening, leaving the off ...

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Five Habits That Could Get You Fired!

Bad habits in the work environment, where do I begin!? There are so many different aspects to this that I found it difficult only picking a handful to focus on. I’ve been in business for 30 years and in that time, I’ve met people from all walks of life. I’ve also come across a lot of bad habits in the workplace which certainly need changing. Here are five of the worst and most common bad hab ...

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