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The LinkedIn Influencer series is a premium blog programme where a selection of well-known leaders are asked to share their insights and experience. Alongside people such as Barack Obama and Richard Branson, James regularly produces posts on entrepreneurship, business growth and career advice.


How To: Get Promoted

Fast-forward 12 months in the job. You’ve settled in, made friends in the office and worked hard to meet all of the objectives set out in your first week. What’s next? How about getting a promotion… As an employer, promotions are generally based on demonstrable and tangible contributions you’ve made in the last year. You don’t get a promotion ‘just because’ – you have to prove y ...

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Hamilton Badshaw Office and Team Photography

How To: Ace Your First Week

The first week of any new job is always tough and impressing your new boss is your way of showing them that hiring you was the best decision they ever made! The question is, how do you really maximise your impact? For me, and for you as an employer or employee, the first week of any job sets the tone for the rest of your career. That’s why doing it right is critical. At my private equity f ...

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I quit

How to Quit Without Guilt

So you've finally made the decision and rejected the counteroffer. You're sticking to your guns, thinking about what's right for you and starting to get excited about the new role. Now all you have to do is say those two famous words: "I Quit!" Quitting a job is a stressful process. You've created great relationships with colleagues and found your comfort zone so the thought of leaving is alien ...

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How To: Handle a Counteroffer

In this series, professionals share all the right — and wrong — ways to leave a job. Follow the stories here, and write your own (please include #IQuit somewhere in the body of your post). You've successfully completed the interview stage and have been offered the job. You’ve negotiated a package you are happy with and now it’s time to start thinking about your exit strategy. You arrang ...

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How to: Wait & Negotiate

So the interview has ended, you’ve done all you can, now all you have to do is wait (for what seems like an eternity). There are a few things to consider during this time to help ease the tension, further your chances of success and if that works, negotiate the best deal possible. Follow up! Firstly, as soon as you leave the interview, send a follow up email thanking your interviewer for t ...

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