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The LinkedIn Influencer series is a premium blog programme where a selection of well-known leaders are asked to share their insights and experience. Alongside people such as Barack Obama and Richard Branson, James regularly produces posts on entrepreneurship, business growth and career advice.


How I Read Your CV

Last week, one of my followers said, ‘James, there are countless articles online about how to write a CV but can you give me any ideas on how to read one?’. This got me thinking, you know what – you’re right and It’s a shame because effectively reading a CV is essential for any employer looking for the perfect candidate and hugely beneficial for jobseekers too. So here are three things I ...

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How To Bag Your Dream Job

I’m often asked this question by jobseekers desperate to take the next step in their career and land their perfect job. I’ve been in business for 30 years and still, my answer to the question always comes as a surprise. In reality, it’s not just about qualifications, having a 1st class degree from Cambridge or Oxford isn’t everything. Of course, being well educated is always a huge advanta ...

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Your Christmas Bonus, Guaranteed

All I want for Christmas is a bonus – that’s what my employees tell me this time of year and I’m guessing it’s no different for you. Inevitably, in the run up to the festive season excitement is building and it is easy to become a little complacent. What you have to remember is, although this may be a time for relaxation, it is not a time for procrastination. You may get ‘fun points ...

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2015: Your Year To Shine

2015 is the year of the entrepreneur and one for small businesses to prosper, according to yesterday's Autumn Statement and I totally agree. Innovation has been on everyone’s lips lately and quite rightly, with the outburst of new small business excellence helping to accelerate economic growth by pursuing their dreams. We’re witnessing a real shift in how people are communicating and talkin ...

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The Thrill Of A Sale

As a businessman and recruiter, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of a successful sale. In my 30 years as an entrepreneur I never tire of this feeling and am still on the edge of my seat at the close of any big deal. This week I experienced a really exciting moment in my life as my team and I successfully sold our investment in health and social recruitment specialists, HCIG to Graphite Capi ...

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