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The LinkedIn Influencer series is a premium blog programme where a selection of well-known leaders are asked to share their insights and experience. Alongside people such as Barack Obama and Richard Branson, James regularly produces posts on entrepreneurship, business growth and career advice.

Hiring Top Talent

What To Look For When Hiring Top Talent

Hiring new people to join an existing team is something that you always want to try and get right the first time around. Not only is the recruitment process a costly and time consuming process, but if you do get it wrong then it can have a huge effect on team spirit as well as the bottom line. There is nothing more satisfying and rewarding in business than building a team from scratch that works well together and consistently delivers. But that sense of unity and productivity can potentially be ruined by just one bad hire – that’s why it ...

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How Do You Know If Your Career Has Stalled?

If you are truly ambitious then you have to make sure that you are always looking forward and trying to progress. Whether you’re a recent graduate or an experienced middle manager – it is crucial that you never allow yourself to drift. They say standing still is the same as going backwards and in the fast paced modern world there is a lot of truth in this. Of course not everybody is the same and some people have different levels of attainment and different aims in life. Not all of us want to totally commit to work and if you are happy to ...

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Tech – Transforming the Way We Work

10 years ago I started Hamilton Bradshaw and our success to date is something I'm very proud of. One of the things I enjoy most about the world of business is the way in which practices, approaches and technology are constantly changing and developing. If you carried on doing the same things over and over again you would get bored very quickly and run the risk of losing out to rivals who embrace change and are prepared to evolve. Of course the fundamental principles of business remain the same – understanding your customers, getting you ...

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Reward Your Staff And Boost Your Business

I have always believed that in any business, no matter which sector you are operating in, it is possible to measure the performance of every individual member of staff. Every person that you employ should add value to the business and it should be possible to measure that in a clear and transparent way. Whether it is seeing how much revenue your sales teams brings in, how efficiently a receptionist deals with guests and admin tasks, or the savings made by your accounts team - pretty much any role can be quantified in some way. Sometime ...

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How To Impress In A Telephone Interview

Whenever I am planning to fill a key role in one of my businesses I always prefer to meet any potential candidates on at least one or two occasions. This always helps because you can learn as much about a person from their demeanour and body language as from what they are actually saying to you. But in the busy modern environment where most of us have packed diaries and demanding lives it is not always possible to get together at the same time and place. Therefore it becomes more and more commonplace to hold interviews over the telephone – ...

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