The JCF began eight years ago, when James sold his company, and decided to spend much more of his time on causes close to his heart. Entrepreneurship, education and equal opportunities are three areas in which James spends a great deal of time supporting. Initiatives like the Prince’s Trust and VInspired are platforms from which James can make a difference to young people in the UK – be it inspiring and motivating to volunteer or to use entrepreneurship as a way to find one’s way out of hardship. There are also a large number of charities which James endorses and provides strategic guidance to, combining his business acumen with his philanthropic goals.

James is also very active in supporting equal opportunities and education in other parts of the world. Having flown out to Bosnia to meet with some of the people suffering from the ethnic cleansing regime; travelled to Kashmir after the earthquake and visited the Kibera slums in Kenya, James tries to fulfill his responsibility as a global citizen and give back to the international community. Furthermore, having been born in Lahore, he also spends time trying to make a difference within Pakistan.

His first major project saw him build a school in his father’s name, in his home town of Lahore. Educating more than 300 of the most deprived children in rural Lahore, The JCF financially supports the school and provides the students with uniforms, meals, transportation and a safe environment in which to get a decent education.

Since the floods hit Pakistan in July 2010, James has been passionate about helping those suffering. Together with UNICEF, he helped raise £100,000 to deliver emergency aid on the ground and save the lives of 1000 people. Feeling this was insufficient, James and The JCF began the Build A Village appeal to provide more long-term assistance, helping people get their lives back on track.

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