Den Tips

  1. For impressing in an interview/pitch

    • Dress appropriately – simple but true
    • Be concise and focused
    • Make sure the pitch is of mutual benefit and that you can clearly describe that
    • Know your numbers
  2. For running your own business

    • In one phrase – the devil is in the detail
  3. For surviving the recession

    • With change comes opportunity – seize it when you see it
  4. For getting your product to market

    • Get it OUT THERE – be seen to be sold
    • Don’t take no for an answer
    • Communicate face to face and over the phone – don’t hide behind a computer
  5. For winning investment

    • Know your numbers
    • Know your market
    • Know your product
    • Know your competition
  6. For making millions

    • Unfortunately there is no secret recipe – great businesses are 5% concept, 95% execution so believe me, there is no substitute for hard work, I’m sorry to say