Berti Green Accelerator

With our interest in providing  business expertise to social purpose businesses,  we are collaborating with Berti Investments to launch the Berti Accelerator, a nationwide search for three successful low carbon businesses. Each of the winning companies will be awarded up to six months of business support from HBIP be it in investment readiness or investment management, whatever the business requires. The winners will also have the opportunity to receive funding of up to £1million each from Berti Investments.

The Berti Accelerator illustrates HBIP’s core message that every business needs expertise to be successful. But, for social enterprises, it’s often difficult to attract and pay for talent. That’s why we provide business experts who have experience in starting, growing and selling businesses through a wide range of industries. For high-potential enterprises we apply our expertise by working with their Senior Management teams to execute their company’s mission and address any obstacles and challenges facing the business. If you need support in achieving your aims as an organisation, whether it is winning new contracts, fundraising, marketing or operational, we will identify experts within our organisations that can work alongside you to nurture the company to have a greater impact on society.

If you’re interested in applying for the Berti Accelerator, please click here