BlindsinaBox are instant paper blinds that provide a temporary solution to block out light and maintain privacy with very little effort. The blinds come in 2 colours including black (providing a total blackout) and white.

Simeone Salik, Janice Dalton, Dominic Lawrence
Initial offer:
£40,000 for 15%
James and Duncan
James £20,000 and Duncan £20,000

Since appearing in the den, BlindsinaBox now regularly feature on the Home Shopping Channel’s Ideal World Show, where they are one of the channel’s most successful products ever. The product sells across the UK via distributors and has recently signed distributor agreements in Australia and Europe. BlindsinaBox now package the blinds in singles to be stored in special bins ready for the retail market. In early 2010 they launched a student competition for entrepreneurial students, the winners were students from Nottingham. Other universities have contacted the company to run a similar competition in the next academic year.

BlindsinaBox are instant paper blinds that provide a temporary solution to block out light and maintain privacy with very little effort. The blinds come in 2 colours black (providing a total blackout) and white. The blinds are 91.5cm wide with an 183cm drop, and can simply be cut to size or overlapped for larger windows. They are made of high quality pleated paper and are durable, recyclable and adaptable. The strip that covers the adhesive is re-usable thus enabling them to be moved to different locations. During the day you pleat them up and keep them in place with the clips provided. They have a variety of uses; a temporary solution, for privacy and security, for students, use in caravans, night workers, and for new babies and young children. BlindsinaBox are sold in boxes of 6 which cost £39.95 (plus p&p) available at .

In 2003, Simeone Salik and her husband bought a plot of land to build a chalet bungalow for their retirement. It was during this time that Simeone tried to find some cheap blinds as a temporary solution to give her some privacy and block the light in the bedroom. Despite a nationwide search, she soon realised that there wasn’t anything suitable on the market.

Realising that there was an obvious gap in the market particularly for people who were moving into a new, she embarked on developing the idea into a product. The result was inexpensive paper blinds that maintain privacy and block out light that need no tools. The blinds are simply attached to the window or frame, based on similar products she had previously seen in the States.

Janice Dalton, a qualified interior designer, thought the blinds were a fantastic idea and one that designers, curtain makers and suppliers would be able to utilise and offer their clients. She joined Simeone and they were then introduced to business man Dominic Lawrence who helped to find a suitable manufacturer.

BlindsinaBox Ltd was born as a partnership between the 3 of them; the trio launched a website for their business at .

In June 2008 they entered the den and were delighted to gain investment from James Caan and Duncan Bannatyne. Today they have a thriving web business, the blinds are stocked in many shops in the UK and they have official distributors in: Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Spain. The company continues to exceed their target revenues and they are confident that when the recession ends, the housing market recovers and people are on the move again, BlindsinaBox will be in a very strong position to benefit from significant growth.