The “Chocbox” is a safe and simple solution to protect and insulate electrical connectors negating the need for untidy electrical tape.

Peter Moule
Initial offer:
£150,000 for 10%
James and Duncan
£150,000 for 18%


Peter, through his company Electro Expo, has invested jointly with James and Duncan in companies such as BlindsinaBox and Rapstrap. In essence Peter has become a dragon himself, co-investing with James and Duncan in innovative domestic products that have high potential. To date the company has sold over 6 million Chocbox units in the UK alone, and sales continues to stand strong. Electro Expo hopes to expand over the next few years and double their portfolio size. To showcase the products within the company and promote Peter’s personal brand the website was launched.  The website also has a tool for visitors to pitch new products and solutions direct to Peter for his investment expertise. With a good support network around him, including James’ team at Hamilton Bradshaw and his family, Peter and ElectroExpo are on track to keep growing and continue to hit all their targets, if not shatter them.

The Chocbox is a safe and simple solution to protect and insulate electrical connectors negating the need for untidy electrical tape. The Chocbox is 100% British owned, manufactured, and 100% safe and secure. It has serviced the exhibition industry for many years, alleviating the burden on electricians while at the same time satisfying the ‘Health & Safety Regulations’. Soon Peter broke into the general electrical contracting market, distributing his invention to wholesalers across the UK.

Design Features

  • A plastic box to insulate connector blocks
  • Used as a junction box for fixed wiring
  • Used as an inline connector when used with cord grips supplied.

Peter Moule, is the man behind creating the revolutionising innovative electrical connector ‘Chocbox’. Peter’s family company Bill Moule & Sons Ltd, had been lighting exhibitions and events around the world for many years, giving a service synonymous with dedication and quality. The ‘Chocbox’ was created after Peter noticed a gap in the market while working closely with his electricians and about the time the new ‘Health & Safety Legislation’ came into the exhibition industry. The new protocols changed the way in which electrical connections are protected and insulated so Peter decided to design, produce and patent his ‘Chocbox’ invention.

The Den

Peter never thought he could tame the dragons, but when he pitched his idea to the BBC at an exhibition, he was accepted onto the programme. Having meticulously prepared and rehearsed his pitch for the den, he felt as though he was ready to face the dragons. He planned to present his case with a distinctive approach, however, he said he couldn’t help but feel slightly apprehensive as he walked up the stairs. Once in the den his pitch went well, but he received a thorough grilling from the dragons. James asked a variety of questions until he was completely satisfied with Peter’s proposal, and, more importantly, convinced that he had the drive and character to make his investment pay off. Along with Duncan Bannatyne, James saw the potential and made an offer. Despite giving away slightly more equity than he intended, Peter was able to secure the experience of two dragons into the deal. James and Duncan were excited with the opportunity, their teams sprang into action and, working together with Peter, have since gone on to secure a multi-million pound deal with GET plc, the UK’s leading distributor of electrical accessories. The simple ‘Chocbox’ invention has now become one of the most successful investments on Dragons’ Den and is set to hit the European market.

“Although I was nervous about appearing on Dragons’ Den I have always been confident about my product and its potential.” Says Peter. “However, I was delighted when James and Duncan decided to invest in me. I am sure they will teach me a lot and I am sure the company will continue to be a tremendous success. The deal with GET was only the beginning!”