Fit Fur Life

Fit Fur Life treadmills are designed specifically for the rehabilitation of canines. They combine the latest, innovative technology and quality design

Sammy French
Initial offer:
£100,000 for 25%
£100,000 for 50%


Fit Fur Life was the preferred product used in the successful and highly acclaimed tour for the ‘Dog Whisperer; Cesar Millan’ touring through the UK, and set to be used on his dog only ranch in the US. Fit Fur Life treadmills are the market leader in an exciting sector. They have had annual sales of almost £400K since starting in 2007. They have distributors and agents throughout Europe, US and Australia selling to veterinarians and dog trainers. Further negotiations are taking place in the United States and by 2012 sales in this region are expected to match those achieved each year from the rest of the world. Sammy has also secured a deal with The Ministry of Defence to help with training and rehabilitation.


‘We use a specially designed treadmill on stage during the show provided by Fit Fur Life. They provide such a great way to exercise a dog when it isn’t possible to walk with them outside. ’ Cesar Millan ‘Veterinary Surgeons achieve better post-operative end results in a shorter time with Fit Fur Life treadmills. This is good for dogs as well as Veterinary Surgeons. I have 40 years experience in the post injury care of dogs and cats. I have evolved many post operative rehabilitation protocols before the emergence of all the modern surgical techniques. Rehab is very important in post injury recovery to achieve the best results, in fact it is essential.’ Veterinary Surgeon: C.C.O. Serjeant, B.V.Sc., M.R.C.V.S.

Fit Fur Life treadmills are of the highest standard and combine the latest, innovative technology and top quality workmanship. The treadmills aim to maintain and improve dogs’ fitness, particularly when rehabilitating after injury. Four new models of the treadmill have been designed.

In 2000, while recovering from an operation, Sammy needed a way to continue training her dogs for the shooting field. She started using her own treadmill to exercise the dogs and quickly realised the human treadmill had major disadvantages and safety issues when used for animals. So, making use of her recovery time, she began designing a treadmill specifically for dogs. And Fit-Fur Life was born. Sammy worked closely with a veterinary surgeon to design four variations of the treadmill to launch at Crufts in 2007. She received an overwhelming response from professional breeders, kennel owners, vets as well as domestic owners who loved the product and could immediately see its fantastic benefits to the health and fitness of their dogs. Managing all of this while being a single working mother and dog trainer Sammy really needed support. The idea of appearing on Dragons’ Den excited her yet seemed daunting, however she knew she needed external investment and business advice to get her product to market. Her belief in the treadmill, her invitation onto Dragons’ Den and the incredible physique of her own dog, Daffy, were all signs of great business potential. Sammy knew it was time to take the business to the next level, but would the dragons’ see the potential?

The Den

Sammy appeared on the den in 2007. She delivered a very professional pitch hoping to take her idea to the wider market. Sammy was determined to get backing from the dragons. As a single mother, Sammy explained that she had juggled many different jobs and duties but had continued to follow her dream. After much deliberation, Sammy finally received the backing from James, making his first and unforgetable investment in the den.