My opinion on opportunities for all

‘I absolutely believe that parents should encourage their children to explore their own opportunities and define themselves in their own right. The fact is that parents will always have the innate feeling to help their children into jobs. I’m no different.

However, it’s my job now, as an entrepreneur and businessman to raise awareness that businesses should open their doors to all. This is the point where we stop the ‘it’s not what you know, but who you know’ culture and encourage businesses to give people from all backgrounds the opportunity.

In my own situation, my eldest daughter Jemma spent 4 years of pursuing many jobs to establish herself on her own career path. I encouraged her to explore different opportunities without influencing her, but i guided her to the extent any parent can. More recently over the last 6 months she joined a recruitment company that my company, Hamilton Bradshaw, provides management services to. Despite my involvement she still had to go through a rigorous recruitment process with a number of different candidates and demonstrate her own abilities.

When my daughter, Hanah, studied at University she worked across a number of internships in London and also interviewed at various businesses that were organised without any input from me. When she graduated she volunteered in my, then, start up business Hamilton Bradshaw. She later submitted her CV and interviewed for a graduate internship position within the business to enable her to follow a formal process. As somebody who is highly experienced in the recruitment sector, I wanted her to understand the challenges of securing a role like any other applicant. At the same time we also interviewed another graduate who submitted their application through the website and they have progressed within the business to management level. Both candidates applied for jobs and submitted a CV and applied for the role using the same recruitment process.

I recognise that there are people from all walks of life that offer a fresh perspective on different areas of the business. The people who work within my businesses have a diverse range of backgrounds and for me, it make business sense to encourage an open door policy. Everybody that works for the business has to go through a thorough recruitment process and they can apply through a number of different ways. Whether that is a CV sent through the website, speculative applications or recruitment from universities and schools the CV screening and interview process is the same for all.’